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Inspire yourself!

Coaching is a form of personal guiding on an equal one-on-one basis. You are learning; the coach is supporting the learning process. Goals or learning aims are determined at the start of the coaching process. The aim of all coaching is to increase your personal effectiveness. Coaching of groups is also possible. In that case the coach will look for collective patterns in thinking and behaviour.

When is coaching the solution for you?

If you are wondering how to gain more influence over yourself and your environment, coaching is relevant for you. Inspirazi uses energy as the key. Is there a balance in the energy you spent and you receive.

Together with you the coach can make specific arrangements, such as coaching on the job ( the coach joins you at your place of work), a start and closing meeting with your boss or with your staff. Inspirazi is sparring partner for both the business world and government institutions. In other words: "Made-to-measure" solution!

Personal coaching