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Frans van Arem

Frans van Arem is one of the founders of Inspirazi.

His credo is: conflict as a chance.

Before his career at the judiciary Frans has acquired wide experience with (project) management in his role as a founder and teamleader of an option traders team on the London financial futures exchange, as head of the department portfolio management of a bank in Amsterdam and in his role as a lawyer at a Dutch government agency. Teambuilding and coaching leadership are his strengths.

Frans has been working as a lawyer since 1994 in the following areas: administrative law and family law. His style characterises itself by a combination of legal skills and attention to the human side of the conflicts.

Frans has been active as a mediator since 2001. He is registered with the Dutch Mediation Institute (NMI). He works according to those rules and regulations. See also: Nederlands Mediation Instituut

Guiding parties in a manner which offers parties space for the emotional side of their conflict and helping parties reach practical and feasible solution which are based on the interests of all the parties are central to Frans his role as a mediator. As a mediator he combines his legal knowledge with his four-years professional training, wound up in 1996, in psychology.

Frans mediates labour, business and family (such as divorces and inheritances) disputes. He has a divorce mediations practice in the evening in Hulshorst, GLD, The Netherlands and cooperates in team mediation with a female (family law) Court secretary and NMI-mediator.

Mediation projects
As from 2000 Frans has first been involved as a project leader for the court project "Court connected Mediation" and has later been working as an external consultant and manager of the National Project Office to help the development of mediation at the Courts in the Netherlands. Because of this he has gained wide experience with change management. Creative and respectful handling of resistances has become daily routine.

International development assistance
Frans is also contributing to promoting mediation and the advancement and development of the jurisdiction abroad. From 2004 until today he has been and is working as an legal expert, consultant and mediator/trainer at the request of the Dutch Ministry of foreign affairs, the IFC/World Bank, the EU and Council of Europe in Croatia, Macedonia, the Ukraine and Turkey.

Frans has been delivering management and communication trainings to businesses and governments, for example for the Dutch bar association, Capgemini Academy, Ministries, municipalities and the Dutch police force.

Frans is a management coach for the staff of the Dutch Ministry of Justice. He also has his practice in the evenings at Hulshorst, GLD, the Netherlands. With a female coach he cooperates in relationship coaching.

Frans is especially interested in the interaction between people.

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